Which Fuel is Efficient for Boiler


There is a range of residential and industrial boiler classifications. And, each classification falls into different categories, sub, and sub-categories. But, there are two principal variables that determine the appropriateness of a boiler for a given purpose. All boilers — irrespective of size and application — have a specific boiler configuration and use a specific boiler fuel type. The fuel types of industrial boiler contain diesel/fuel oil, solid fuel, gas, electric, renewable energy (biomass), waste flue gas.

The efficiency of a boiler should be an important part of a purchase evaluation since the annual cost of fuel can easily be 2 to 3 times the installed cost of the equipment. Therefore, a difference in efficiency and the resultant difference in fuel cost can easily offset a difference in capital cost. So, which fuel is efficient for boiler?

There are generally two methods for calculating boiler efficiency.
Boiler efficiency= Heat output / heat input *100.
=steam flow (enthalpy of steam -enthalpy of feed water) / coal flow * gcv.
For example if there is a 80mw boiler with 540 dig centigrade of main steam temperature, feed water temperature of 300 dig centigrade , coal flow 56 ton, gcv 4000 kcal/kg then the boiler efficiency will be =307(826.28-242.58)/56*4000=80%.

Indirect method -to measure the boiler efficiency in indirect method we need a following parameter like 1)Ultimate analysis of fuel (H2,S2,S,C moisture constraint,ash constraint); 2)percentage of O2 or CO2 at flue gas; 3)flue gas temperature at outlet; 4)ambient temperature in deg c and humidity of air in kg/kg; 5)GCV of flue in Kcal/kg 6)ash percentage in combustible fuel 7)GCV of ash in Kcal/kg.

Therefore, the efficiency of the boiler is not only related to the technical parameters of the boiler, but also to the fuel. How to calculate the specific parameters, the type and calorific value of the fuel need to be given by the user. More information about which fuel is efficient for boiler, please consult our online customer service, we will reply to you as soon as possible. 

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